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Pearl - a yawl, sloop or cutter rigged dinghy


Pearl 16, a stable day sailer or cruising dinghy, half-decked, with multichine stitch and tape or glued clinker-over-stringers construction.

The hull is of 6mm or 6 and 9mm ply, the deck and cockpit of 5 or 6mm, with centre-board and dagger-board options. The cockpit has various permutations, from deep and open, to reduced volume, through to self-draining, but all with built-in buoyancy. This is a relatively light displacement boat designed for trailer-sailing for a couple of adults with a lightly ballasted hull or for the single-hander with a well- ballasted one.

Pearl rigged as a gunter yawl

Pearl, with either a lug main and mizzen, bermudian sloop, gunter yawl or gaff cutter rig, is beamier, flatter floored, fuller transomed design than Apple with the option of lead and water or water ballast. Annie is similar, but 18 foot LOD. See the Apple cutter photos for a similar but smaller version of the rig and general layout. Detailed plans for Pearl - for both glued clinker construction and for multichine stitch and glue, with various cockpit layouts - are available, as well as alternative sail plans - a total of 22 A1 sheets and 26 A4 sheets of notes and keyed detail.

A nice photo of Pearl's larger sister Annie with the gaff cutter rig can be seen on Alistair Gary Thompson's Herreschoff 12 build blog here.



On a page from the In the Boatshed Blog here.



A photo of Annie on the Boat Building Academy of Lyme's Youtube page here.



Pearl as a gaff cutter

'Pearl' with standard bermudian sail plan. Off-the-shelf or season-old ex-racing 'wayfarer' sails may be used if wished for inexpensive fitting out, as an alternative, to give the widest possible choice of nearly-new or used equipment. Far better to trim costs on items that can easily and simply be replaced at a later date than compromise on plywood or timber, if needs must. Sail area: 165 sq ft or 15.34sq m.

Pearl with a modern off the shelf rig

LOD: 4936 mm or 16ft 23/8"; LOA - depending on rig: 6036 mm or 19ft 95/8"; BOA: 1820mm or 5ft 113/4"; maximum designed displacement: 575 kg, minimum 330kg; hull weight: 135 - 160 kg; ballast: 75 - 125 kg; sail area - gaff rig (nominal): 123 sq ft - 11.4 sq m. or 136 sq ft - 12.65 sq m; lug and yawl approximately 11.5. The photos below are of a glued clinker Pearl - to be rigged as a gunter yawl with main, foresail and mizzen - in a very high quality build, showing great attention to detail. Build photos courtesy of Mr R Merriman.

Pearl first pair of planks
Pearl planked
Pearl undecked
Pearl threequarters decked
Pearl as lug rigged yawl
Pearl as lug rigged yawl
Pearl as lug rigged yawl

Lines for a larger version of Pearl - Annie - can be found here and two photos of Annie on the Boat Building Academy of Lyme's Youtube's page here