Campion Sail and Design

Full plans now available for glued clinker: lines, construction sheet, inverted mould set-up, building moulds at 1 to 10 scale and with measurements, a ply usage sheet and sail plans

An 8 plank a-side glued clinker yawl

A wider, round-bilged version 4.790m x 1.650m overall with 8 planks each side. A glued clinker dayboat, with built-in buoyancy, lug-yawl rigged with 123 sq ft of sail. Light and fast with good form stability. Layout allows for 1 adult to sleep aboard. Centreboard version with rig shown above. Seven sheets of 6 mm and 3 sheets of 4 or 5 mm if the ply usage sheet is followed are all that is required as far as the plywood is concerned. The postion of each plank on each mould is clearly defined.