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Holly Blue

Holly Blue 15 day boat plans are for a very light-weight, hard chine, stitch and glue plywood sailing boat. Batten seam carvel planking or even clinker topsides with batten seam carvel or strip or glued double diagonal bottom where wood is cheap and plywood expensive could be a simple, viable, though not light-weight alternative.

Intended to be light, pretty and agile like her butterfly namesake, Holly Blue should grace any body of water. While by no means intended to be a performance day sailer, the centreboard versions will give a spirited performance in all but the lightest of winds, while the shallow long keel version is intended to give a better performance than a certain Amazon of fiction and fact.

A single or hard chine 'V' bottomed day boat with conically developed bottom and topsides, for building inverted over keel, stringers and inwales or upright by the stitch and tape method is the intended construction. The topsides could be glued clinker ply if desired. Plans consist of 11 A1 sheets plus one study sheet and A4 keyed sail plan notes.

Three versions are offered: conventional centreboard version, skegged fixed rudder with centreboard, and a shoal draft full keel version for shallow, weed infested waters. If addtional performance were required, it could be fitted with an offset centerboard.

Holly Blue in profile


Holly Blue outline
Holly Blue shoal keel version