Campion Sail and Design

An internally ballasted yawl, gaff sloop or main and mizzen rigged double ended dinghy cruiser for one or two, stitch and taped. Mould and frame dimensions for a 17 ft glued-clinker over stringers version, gaff sloop or main and mizzen rigged, is included

Small general arrangement plan of yawl
Sail and deck plan of the Campion double- ended day sailer

The original Campion: a 16 ft by 6 ft 3 heavy displacement double-ender. Yawl rigged with either a standing lug or gunter main, and foresail and mizzen of about 12.5 sq.m.


A four plank aside stitch and glue internally ballasted day boat.  125 to 150 kg of lead, sand or water ballast, removable for trailing.


Hull, fittings and rig: 135 kg or approx. 300 lbs; working displacement: 400 - 600 kg.




15 A1 sheets covering construction,plank layout, sail plan and lines;


4 A4 sheets covering both offsets and plank strake offsets for stitched construction.


26 A4 sheets including sail plan details, keyed construction plan details and outline building procedure;


campion double-ender perspective 1
campion double-ender perspective 2
campion double-ender perspective 3
campion double-ender perspective 4

Campion herself - a stable and roomy double ender as tough and welcome to the eye as her namesake - sea campion.  Designed to be sailed with internal ballast - either lead shot or pigs, sandbags or even water ballast - this is a powerful dayboat - much more powerful than the original style of slim, low freeboard canoe yawl, but more in keeping with the larger, more heavily ballasted and rigged half-deckers that later evolved - that can be man-handled relatively easily as the ballast is simply removed for maintenance or trailing behind a small car. A slightly modified, glued clinker gaff rigged version with a stern slightly extended by its builder, Brian Cooper, was launched in June 2013. Photo next page courtesy of Mr Cooper who is rightly very pleased with her. Lines for this version at 16ft 7 - but referred to as the 17 - are included, together with mould/frame dimensions for inverted clinker construction and a gaff sloop sail plan. Photos of a 17 on the Dorestad Raid of 2017 with an owner modified rig can be seen to advantage in a few instances. Youtube stills can be found here or you copy and paste the urls: and here: and here and here: A 10 second clip from the 2018 Dorestad raid can be seen here ___Lines for a 19 footer have been drawn up here.

campion double-ender perspective 5