Campion Sail and Design

'Iceni 16' lug rigged dinghy or day boat plans: a 16 foot four plank a-side stitch and glue, simple and powerful una or lug yawl, multi-chine beach cruiser or day sailer design for the home boat builder.

Iceni 16 sail plan and deck layout


The 'Iceni 16' with its balanced lug rig is a spacious and handsome centre-board day sailer or dinghy suitable for use as a beach or dinghy cruiser, with decks set below the gunwales for additional security and comfort, using multichine stitch and tape construction for simplicity and strength. The strakes are of 6mm ply, as are the deck and cockpit. The cockpit is wide, deep and comfortable, but with built-in buoyancy to reduce free-surface volume. The hull is stable and capacious, yet easily driven without a large sail area. The lines show a more sweeping, lifted sheer at the bow than the smallest Iceni, but otherwise show a marked ressemblance - which will ensure as sweet a nature. The set up and rigging is simple and straight-forward, allowing for fast and trouble-free launching after trailing and stress-free recovery after a long day's sailing, whilst her strength and relatively light weight make her very suitable for trailer-sailing with a modest car. There is no flat bottom to slap and pound if driven under power into wind and waves, whilst the waterline beam is modest enough to allow her to be rowed effectively if necessary, though she is not be thought of as a sail and oar dinghy, but as a dayboat capable of being sailed fast without antics or apprehension, and not reliant on the vagaries of an outboard.

LOD: 4905 mm or 16ft 1"; LOA with outrigger: 5892 mm or 19ft 4";

BOA: 1870mm or 6ft 2";

Maximum designed displacement: 450 kg;

Hull weight: 120 - 160 kg;

Sail area lug yawl approximately 11 sq m or 120 sq ft.


The plans consist of 7 A1 sheets and 24 A4 sheets of keyed notes and detail, and outline building procedure.