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Iceni 14: a four plank a-side fast, stable, multichine stitch and glue - or glued clinker over stringers - beach cruiser or sailing dinghy design with a choice of balanced lug or lug yawl rigs for home boat building

One of the Iceni 14 sail plans

The Iceni 14, a sail and oar dinghy, is the big brother to the 12 and modelled along similar lines, but providing more room, stability and speed with its length of 14ft 6 and beam of 5ft 3. It ia a powerful, well-balanced dinghy for day sailing or open boat cruising, yet very easily driven both oars and outboard. Like the 12, this dinghy is designed to be as docile sailed heeled as bolt upright, very forgiving yet highly manouvreable.

Part detail of plan

Renderings of the hull can be seen at the bottom of this page and photos of the 12 elsewhere - click on the image above for the link.  A version with a large single balanced lug has been drawn up for light wind areas, river sailing and general pottering, as well as one with standing lug main, sprit mizzen and foresail - which, whilst having more area, offers numerous reduced sail combinations - and was a popular rig for small open fishing boats in the days of sail and oar in a number of English coastal areas. This latter rig is also to be the standard version for the 17 and 19. A straight-forward standing lug una rig is also included in this. The cockpit layout has been arranged so that it would be very easy to provide an off-the-floor, out of the bilge sleeping area for the camp cruiser

Plans for the Iceni 14, including the single sail balanced lug version as well as the yawl sail plan and single standing lug version, consist of nine A1 sheets of drawings and some 30 A4 pages of keyed construction detail, an outline building procedure for the stitch and tape construction, offsets, strake offsets and frame offsets.

Photos - after a remarkably quick build - of the lovely glued clinker Iceni 14, for oar and outboard initially, in construction and after launching are at the foot of the page courtesy of her skilled builder, Tyme Wittebrood. Lollipop, named by Tyme's daughters, is an exceptionally nice example of a clinker-built Iceni 14. Her highly pleased builder reports that she rows very well, not only as a single, but with 2 adults and 3 children, too, and does about 6 mph under power with a 50 year old 4 hp outboard. The intention is to use Lollipop as a rowing and outboard skiff this year and convert her to sail in the future. Bottom photos is as she is today when rigged for sailing.

ice 14 perspective 1
ice 14 perspective 2
ice 14 perspective 3
ice 14 perspective 4
ice 14 perspective 5
ice 14 perspective 6
ice 14 perspective 7
ice 14 perspective 8
ice 14 perspective 9
ice 14 perspective 10
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