Campion Sail and Design

Swift TT19 Sail and Oar style dayboat: 450 - 650kg displacement

Dimensions approx over gunwales/outer stem to uncambered transom/foredeck to outer keel strip:


5ft 9" [1750mm]

33.5" depth of hull - bow to outer keel [855mm]


Minimum suggested displacement in sailing trim, incl crew: 400kg; max 650kg; 500 - 575kg perhaps ideal.

The hull is intended to be internally ballasted to suit crew to bring up total displacement to the required amount,

but should not be less than about 100kg as a minimum.

Bare bones design: A1 sheets of Lines, strakes, frames/bulkheads for stitch and glue construction, and inverted mould set up for stringered multii-chine/glued clinker.

Day sailer, one of two variations