Campion Sail and Design

Double-ended day boats

Double ended sailing dinghy, day boat and canoe yawl plans for stitch and tape or glued clinker construction suitable for the experienced amateur  boat builder

Circe 15 stitched multi-chine or glued clinker with una or yawl lug riig

Circe canoe yawl plans for home boat building

Imp Canoe Yawl hard chine single-hander

Electra canoe yawl glued clinker or  multichine stitch and glue construction

Profile and deck study
Imp with una lug rig

Lines only

Campion multichine or glued clinker yawl or sloop - photos Brian Cooper and Russel Corin

Campion sail plan with gunter lug campion16ywl (29K)
Lines only
campion16ywl (29K)