Campion Sail and Design

Canoe yawl 'Circe 15' for glued clinker or stitched construction - an elegant, fast yet stable double-ended sailing dinghy.

LOD: 4.550m or 14ft 11"; BOA: 1.570m or 5ft 2; maximum designed displacement: 350 kg; rigged weight is around 300lbs or 140 kg; sail area lug yawl approximately 10.2 sq m or 110 sq ft.


The hull planking takes 5 sheets of 5 or 6 mm ply, with an additional 5 sheets of 4, and 5 or 6 for decks, framing and bulkheads and cockpit. All the strakes, decks and bulkheads are carefully nested to make the most of the material.

Circe 15 lug yawl sail plan
Circe 15 yawl rigged with main and mizzen
Circe 15 with balanced lug main

Circe is a relatively beamy, flat-floored, hard-bilged stable design along canoe yawl lines with a balanced lug main and mizzen rig, but with slightly more beam and freeboard than usually identified with the type. At a little under 15 feet, she is a handsome dayboat for one or two, an ideal double-ender beach cruiser with her relatively light weight but exceptionally strong construction, and with her raised and water-tight cockpit floor and sealed side and fore and aft tanks is much more suitable for open water than many of the completely open craft often touted as suitable for such conditions. The set up and rigging is simple and straight-forward, allowing for fast and trouble-free launching after trailing, whilst her strength and relatively light weight make her very suitable for trailer-sailing. She can be constructed either as a stitched seam multi-chine hull or as a glued clinker one. In the plans, the planks for both the glued clinker version and the stitched seam one have been carefully lined off to ensure that aesthetically they are pleasing and satisfying, and the projections for the clinker land overlaps have been properly laid off rather than an approximation used, so that the finished hull will accurately reflect the drawn design. With the carefully tapered plank lines, this craft will look elegant and pleasing whichever method of construction is chosen, an important point to most potential owners of this type of craft, and one fully considered from the outset in this design.



Detail from circe 15 construction sheet

The plans consist of 9 A1 sheets and 24 A4 sheets of keyed notes and detail, with an outline building procedure for the stitched version.


Prices: PDF plans, emailed: see current listing; printed plans, rolled: see current listing on the prices' page.


Study plan: pdf file £8; A1 printed sheet with postage and packing: £13.