Campion Sail and Design

Design proposal page: Seaboots 14 cuddied dinghy cruiser. The cuddy is for reserve buoyancy [along with the raised quarters]; secure, lockable, dry, out-of-sight storage in both transit and harbour; storage and possible - urgent! - use of portable closet in crowded waters; it is not intended for sleeping - the long, wide, self-draining cockpit is. Water-ballasted - about 115kg or 250lbs - with a maximum displacement of 450kg to 500kg [990lbs to 1100lbs]. Twin offset centreboards - both to free up cockpit space and to ensure that one board at least is within reasonable reach if capsised, which is not the situation with a single offset board. Full 2.9m or 9.5ft oars can be stowed unobtrusively within the cockpit, the blades slotted through the transom, without being sat on or trodden on or tripped over, though some may prefer twin rudders and a centre-line mounted outboard for auxiliary propulsion, with shorter 2300mm oars that can be lengthened when needed. A simple raised sleeping platform of about 760mm or 30" in width can quickly be rigged which would allow a separate sitting position the length of the cocpit on the other side, or a full width - 1500mm or almost 5ft - double berth the width of the cockpit at seat level. Hardier souls might manage in the 650mm wide footwell. Trailing weight is estimated at no more than 200kg all up. - LOA 4.318m or 14ft 2" - - LWL 3.860m or 12ft 8" - - BOA 2.170m or 7ft 11/2" - - WL beam about 1.595m or 5ft 3" - - Draught 200mm or 8" - - SA 13 sq.m. [or 11] reefable to 4.7 [140 or 118 sq ft to 51 sq ft]



Seaboots proposed dinghy cruiser