Campion Sail and Design

Nutmeg and Madrigal praam dinghies

Nutmeg's lines

Nutmeg is designed as an 8ft tender to be used primarily under oars with occasional help from an outboard; Madrigal has the same lines apart from a deeper transom with  flatter buttocks for more frequent outboard use, at the expense of ease of rowing; neither is a pure power boat, nor a planing boat. Both are very flat floored with a hard turn to the bilge for stability, but the moderate beam and rounded sections, as well as the strongly raked bow, ensure that they are easily driven. Planking is from a wide keel  plank with an additional 7 planks each  side, carvel fashion, stitched seam, with the planks carefully lined off to be aesthetically pleasing -  the measurements for the outline of each plank are given as well as for the stations; full -size half section templates for the main stations and bow and stern transom are available as well if required. Limited built-in buoyancy is provided under the fore and aft fore thwart and in the stern sheets.  Glued clinker construction could be used following the lined off stations, and the measurements for the expanded internal bow board framing are given on one of the sheets.  The plank layout for Nutmeg is detailed for setting out on two 8 x 4 sheets of 6 mm ply - or 5 mm if glassing rather than taping the outside - as well as the thwart and tank  layout; a keyed construction sheet is supplied for ease of  use. Only the offsets and expanded plank dimensions are given for the Madrigal as the other details are the same.


Offsets and  plank expansions for 9, 11 and 13 foot versions are also available.


The Wren praam in the photo is an earlier version and gives for insight into the general appearance of these designs, though without the built in buoyancy.



Nutmeg's predecessor, the Wren
Extract from construction plans