Campion Sail and Design

The building of an IO 11_12 glued clinker sailing dinghy

Setting up the moulds in the snow
Preparing to plank
Garboards on
Planking - stern view
IO on her trailer


To give a measure of Dennis' achievement, his previous boat was a pretty but relatively simple single chine stitch and tape build.

Dennis reports that IO is responsive, well mannered and fast, making over 5 mph to windward according to the GPS whilst pointing high, and he is exceptionally pleased with her ability to handle rough open water - he sails on a 6 x 2 mile lake in Western Michigan that can at times be rather breezy as well as troubled by large powerboats and their wakes so staying dry and in control on and off the wind in a small boat whatever the conditions are qualities highly esteemed.  He has used the larger of the two balanced lug rigs drawn for this design.


IO 11_12 sailing two up

Swallows and Amazons, anyone?



All photos courtesy of Dennis Marshall