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Annie 18

Lines, offsets for a round bilge version and for a multi-chine version, together with strake panel offsets, but note no construction plan or keyed notes [though with 2 sail plans] are available for Annie, a larger version of Pearl.



Alternative sail plans for Annie

Annie XT3 - 18 feet long with more beam - 6ft- and freeboard - sail area 160 sq ft or 14.85 sq m; a larger version of Pearl. 350 - 650 kg displacement.

A rather lovely photo of the completed Annie here [Annie under power] and here [Annie]



Photos 1,2 and 4 below courtesy of builder Ian Davidson. Third photo, photographer unknown



Strip planking Annie
annie 18 strip planked 2 annie_at_lyme792 (34K)
annie 18 strip planked 3

A version of a 19ft Apple/Pearl cross for fast, spirited day-sailing with a gunter yawl rig is also available as lines, offsets, strake plan and sail plan. There is also a beamier, deeper cruising style of boat in T930

Sail plan for a 19